Baez 248, Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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...a true home
to those visiting
Buenos Aires...

Seventy Six years ago, Dora Dulitzky bought the land where the hotel is built. This fearless and courageous Russian immigrant arrived in Argentina empty handed. Dora became an accomplished dentist at a time when the majority of women dedicated themselves to running their home. She was a great visionary in selecting this land with horses and caretakers as an investment and future home for her children. Celia, the present hotel manager vividly remembers the moment when her mother took her to see that family house at 248 Baez Street

This strong woman’s dream became reality. Celia inherited this land and turned it to 248Finisterra, a true home to those visiting Buenos Aires.

With this hotel, Celia honors her mother. Dora was a woman who transmitted values such as honesty, perseverance, hard work and the love for traveling in order to be exposed to different and far away places, cultures and customs. With her mother’s legacy and her career as a physicist, Celia has dreamed of a place where visitors are not anonymous and received with warm and caring attention. These sensations led way to the creation of 248 Finisterra, Argentinean boutique hotel.