Baez 248, Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Today, Las Cañitas does not resemble what was like in 1800. In addition to the Hipodromo and the majestic polo fields, there is now a cultural, gastronomic and fashion center where there is always movement of people. What began with a few bars and restaurants is now one of the most popular areas and most visited by the youth of Buenos Aires and those who love excellent cuisine. There are restaurants, bars, and pubs with vibe – there are many options for all ages and tastes.

There is also an alternative stroll. The shopping "El Solar de la Abadía", located on the street Arce 940, for those who prefer an evening walk. There are many high quality clothing shops, food court, a superstore, movies and children's games.

- Horseback riding at the German Equestrian Club.
- Riding on bike at Palermo Lakes.
- Tennis Courts - at 300m away.
- Golf at the Campo de Golf de la Ciudad - 18 hole course.
- Events at the Argentine Polo Field, seasonal.
- Events and exhibitions at the La Rural  Buenos Aires Fairgrounds and at the Centro Costa Salguero.
- Events in the Argentine Race Course Palermo. Hyppodrome of Palermo
- Los Arcos Sanatorium.
- Lieutenant General Hospital School Luis María Campos.
- Trinidad Palermo Sanatorium.
- Head and other offices of the Ministery of Science, Technology and   Productive Innovation.
- Patricios Infantry Regiment.
- King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center.
- Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club.
- Racket Club.
- Tattersall.
- Distrito Arcos. Premiun Outlet.
- Aerobics circuit, Outings to Palermo Gardens, Japanese Gardens.
- Cultural Activities and Museums - MALBA, Fine Arts Museum, National Museum of Decorative Art, Sívori Museum, Palais de Glace and Recoleta Cultural Center.